Our mission?

It’s simple – to create a place where you can be with your friends and share the films you love.

Why outdoors?

Because that’s what makes it different, you can visit a multiplex anytime, but you won’t be taking in fresh air or make it as memorable as you enjoy a picnic, watch the sun-set and chat with friends. And then of course,  it’s all about relishing these films as old friends, let’s cheer when the guy gets the girl, shout when the hero is in danger and join in with those songs, let’s make the film ALIVE.

LUNA FLIX exists because we want to make these film nights special – we hope you’ll feel that way too!

We are also happy to discuss hiring for any other event you have in mind – just contact us to discuss.

Luna-Flix-1st-Screen-test---Simon-2   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA